When you decide to learn how to ‘Doula’ with me, you can expect an immersive and interactive choke-hold of love and ravenous light that teaches you how to dance with the dragon and breathe warmth back into the human experience.

I am not in this for the protocols and policies – they might provide you with an illusion of safety, but they don’t change diddly squat. Although you will learn heaps about the science, anatomy, biology and physiology of birth; this entire curriculum is based on the birth, death and rebirth of every mountain we climb in this lifetime.

I am here to challenge the story you’ve been sold and step into a lighter & more invigorated perspective,  as you chart new territory in the art of holding space for humanity.

I trust that if you’ve made it this far, you found me serendipitously and that your soul dragged you to this sales page with every intention to tug at your ‘I want something different in my Doula training’ heartstrings.

You’re here because curiosity is coaxing every hidden desire you have to change the world, out to the surface where it can play and thrive.

You’re here because you recognise the world is sick with disconnection, and you are ready to change this, by challenging the ways you take up space in your own body, and in the ways, you live your own life first.

And between friends, you’re most likely here because you know I have the unique ability to Doula you through this learning process, in a container that is as safe as it is scary and as inspirational as it is confronting.

This is precisely the reason I insisted on pursuing this passion, even when I couldn’t necessarily articulate it or make sense of the amount of money I spent making it.

Because I was destined to midwife you through your rebirth, and hold the belief in you as you brave every ring of fire imaginable until you meet the face of your greatest potential.

This course teaches you how to be a lover, a mother, a parent, a person, a coach, a teacher, a confidante, a hostage negotiator, a ninja, a politician, an activist and a powerhouse. It is not restricted to Birth Doula - this is a radically delivered Doula training that invites you to become ANY TYPE OF DOULA YOU WANT TO BE. Your imagination is your niche.


This is not your mom & pop run of the mill Doula training. I don’t even know if ‘Doula Training‘ even cuts it. This course is a treasure map to raising the vibration of this planet while actively participating in shared humanity.

Our souls have been sterilised. The feeling of BEING ALIVE traded for surviving. The enthusiasm usually married to getting our hands dirty in the name of adventure, traded for hand sanitiser and episiotomies.


Logistically speaking, I have been developing the vision and creating content for this course since its inception in January 2018 – taking it from one ambitious seed to the blossoming of something way beyond my wildest dreams. It has been one hell of a freaking ride…but I wouldn’t take one second of it back. Whatever you find here today, has been brewing for a long time.

Now if you ask my soul how the hell we ended up here, she’d laugh and say, ‘because it is where you were always meant to be.’


We currently have 300+ students enrolled from all over the world, with the most impressive and empowered bodies of work emerging from these people. Emerging students have the opportunity to be showcased on all of my platforms, including having their business listing in my Instagram highlights, as well as a potential feature on ‘The Dynamo Doula Diaries’. a podcast I co-host with Brand & Vision Manager of DDT, Rachael Rose.

My Dynamo Doula Training Program is a high end, boutique immersive learning experience that was designed for those turned on by the kind of poetic orgasm that unravels when science meets soul, the potential is germinated and the visionary is born.

This is a full spectrum Doula training focused on equipping you with the necessary perspective, insight, information, tools and strategy, to confidently position you as a dynamo confidante + coach + consultant + secret keeper + bestie in whichever catalyst moment you choose to sherpa, on the spectrum of the human experience. Examples of this might include helping individuals from all types of communities, to move through an array of thresholds, such as – bleed/menstruation, gestation/pregnancy, labour, all types of childbirth and new arrival of children, motherhood + parenting, career or relationship changes, menopause, loss, death, etc.

From start to finish, you will be encouraged to find a realm that speaks directly to your joy, anger, natural inclinations, gifts and passions, as to work within a niche that breathes every aspect of who it is you are and what you can bring to the world.

This is not a generic Doula Training you complete in a weekend for a few hundred dollars – it is a genuine investment of blood, sweat, tears and dollar bills. If you’re looking for cheap or easy, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for personal and professional development directly correlated to your spend, this is it.

If you care about something if you want to be an ally and are ready to make money, and then put your money where your mouth is – this course can help you to make that happen.

Scholarships are available on a case by case basis. I encourage every student who enrols to implement strong philanthropic models to recirculate funds & opportunity into their communities.

Your success is dependant on you - it will never be dependant on me. Only enrol if you can meet that emotional, spiritual and physical responsibility to yourself.

The online curriculum spreads over the course of 24 weeks. This includes highly concentrated doses of insight & inspiration, dozens of masterclasses, a huge library of video replays and too many bonus downloads to count  – no stone went unturned and it will only keep being refined.

The Dynamo Doula online Training Program is a mothership, hub and Doula bible that you can turn to, to leave you moved beyond measure. All content is housed on Kajabi, where you will find everything you need to be DYNAMO. There are no tests, no quizzes, no essays, no linear measurements to prove your worthiness because I don’t care for those measures.

Instead, you have 24 weeks to show me how you you show up. Do this well, and I can rest assured you will know how to show up for your clients.

You will receive a certificate of completion should you complete what is asked of you, strictly within the 24 week timeline. This includes starting and ending alongside your peers, committing to an accountability partner with another student and attend every student call or watch the replay within 24 hours (5 total).

Although there is plenty of support abound, this is an autonomous learning experience with no hand-holding provided. This work is for the brave hearted, and just like there are no shortcuts, contraptions or people you can hire to make life + death a foolproof process. This is the kind of deep soul diving, bulldozing type of excavation that ultimately you will be responsible for.


Psst…Looking for The Dynamo Postpartum Course?

Every single effort was made for this program and its contents, to be inclusive, respectful, progressive, dynamic and as multi-dimensional as possible, as you sharpen the lens you will use to make the world a better place. This will continue to be a priority.This being said, I cannot guarantee the absolute air tight safety for marginalised groups who might feel triggered, unseen or unheard when use of language fluctuates organically in conversations, particularly between students. Language such as woman, women and other gendered terms are currently being used alongside general & inclusive language. This is a space where people are learning – including myself – therefore I ask you only enrol if you feel safe navigating this type of space.

Maintaining awareness of our peers, friends and clients who are currently mitigating the unethical, unsafe and unjust nature of what it is to be human as woman, womxn, a queer, trans, woman or person of color, indigenous/Latin/native/aboriginal woman or person, persons with disabilities, disenfranchised groups of people, or people living against socio-economic, cultural, linguistic, religious, etc. barriers of any type, and therefore using the privilege and opportunity presented to you in order to maximise the level of ongoing support you offer them, is a massive value of this program.

I have made every effort into creating something that was authentically me – even when I was too scared to be brave. I kept the vision of your individual impacts alive which has kept me moving beyond what I thought possible.

I want to see you pioneer life-changing programs for parents in your community.
I want to hear about your stand out offer and how you’ve booked a $10k client.
I want to hear about how you’ve found your voice, spoken your truth and written the blog of a lifetime which impacted policy change in your hospital.
I want to see you creating an educational empire and enrolling 500 students in your inaugural launch.
I want to hear how you are trailblazing in your hospitals and birth clinics, using kindness, initiative and professionalism to improve experiences for birthing people and women.
I want to see you challenging every status quo holding women, birthing people and babies back from realising their fullest expression of joy in conception, birth and beyond.
I want to see you changing legislations and rewriting policies.
I want you to use every permission I give you to lean into a frame of mind that is nothing short of visionary.
I want a place where the passion is pure and the purpose is clear; where profit isn’t a dirty word and where everybody knows that being productive about your passions amplifies what impact you create in the birth world.

I believe that Doulas have the heart and vision to improve mainstream birth culture, they need only the guidance to help them realise this potential.

I believe in dreams and the Doulas dreaming them; we believe in nurturing Doulas until their dreams become reality.

I believe in the reverberating power of passion and in the value of persistent enthusiasm.

I believe in Doulas operating as true professionals; at all times behaving and performing the services in a professional, timely, and competent manner using reasonable care, skill and diligence with a high standard of honesty and integrity, as to responsibly represent Doula work and Doulas as a whole.

I believe in integrity – the quality of being honest and operating in strong moral principle. I believe in Doulas operating ethically, with a strong sense of self-worth; sincerely, truthfully, trustworthy and in good character always.

I believe in making a positive change in the communities in which we operate and that fundamentally, Doulas exist to do good and do no harm.

I believe in big-picture thinking, short and long terms goals to achieve meaningful impact and the inspired action to match.

I honour the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. I commit myself to creating and maintaining an environment that respects and supports diverse traditions, heritages, experiences, and cultures, as well as people from all walks of life and circumstance.

I believe in commitment to a greater good in the broader spectrum of childbirth and parenting; as well as using our unique skills, talents, gifts and experiences to achieve the objectives in alignment with this greater good.

I believe in collaboration, not competition, as a critical way of maintaining strong community values and a necessary abundant mindset.

I believe that learning is more important than knowing, and that continual self-improvement, humility, and compassion is vital to the foundational success of any professional Doula.

I believe in being daring enough to disrupt, because vanilla doesn’t move mountains.

Lastly, I believe in you, and the worth of your ambitions, heart, vision and desires as a professional Doula; and are committed to providing you the space and infrastructure to blossom into your fullest potential.


When you show up here, you better show up like you mean it. This work is an emergency and I only want the bravest and boldest on board.
This training is a rebirth in all things what it means to be a Doula, a woman, a person, a lover, an entrepreneur, a professional, a game changer, a trailblazer and a move maker.